Stay on track with Chippy.

Create an intentional budget to achieve your goals. No income or expense tracking required.

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Start each week with last week's budget and make any updates. Should just take a few minutes.


No need to consult written budget when making purchases, just available cash per category.

Essentials first

Chippy prioritizes essential spending before any other spending or saving.


Create and prioritize goals.

Feedback loop

Chippy will offer budget adjustment advice each week based on balance trends.

Reduce surprises

Set aside cash each week for future large purchases.

How it works

Create stashes

Create stashes for broad saving and spending categories and designate a separate bank account or bucket for each.

Set up transfers

Set up automatic weekly transfers from your main checking account into each individual stash using your bank's app or site.

Make purchases

Use your main checking account for essential purchases. Make all other purchases with the designated stash.

Check-in weekly

Update your main checking account balance every week. Chippy analyzes balance trends and offers advice. Adjust your stashes as needed.

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